Thursday, December 18, 2008

Shopping in Austin? Gifts for Him & Her.

Stuck for that perfect gift?
Here are some Wildflower Organics staff picks for eco-fabulous gift giving.

For Him

- Shaving Kit; Brush, soap and a natural wood container.
- Legna Sheets; Soft, breathable, natural, luxurious. He will thank you forever.
- Bamboo Towels; Durable, absorbant, easy care, luxurious, many colors to choose from.
- Italian Linen Robes. For the man about the house...

For Her

- Cashmere wraps and sweaters.
- Stewart & Brown; Organic clothing & coats.
- Gold Leather 2009
Daily Planners & Passport holders.
- Handmade Jewelry; From local artists Mingle design & Gypsy Born design.
- Twig Jewelry Stands; To hand all that jewelry your going to buy her on.

We also have a load of great natural and organic toys and games for the kids.
All items in store while stocks last.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Did you run out of time to ship that gift?

Give the gift of eco-luxury this Holiday season.

Send a Wildflower Gift Certificate!

Mothers, fathers, cousins and the boss!
There's something for everyone at Wildflower.

Gift Certificates can be emailed directly to the recipient's inbox on any day you choose - including Christmas Day.
Simply let us know which day you want it sent.

Wildflower Organics Gift Certificates can be used online or in the store.

Questions: Call 512-320-0449

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Better lie down, on an Organic Mattress!

First came organic food. Then, organic clothing. And now — better lie down, on an organic mattress.

That's right, its time to get a good night’s sleep without formaldehyde and chemical fire retardants. Only a handful of companies make healthy mattresses and Wildflower Organics carries them. All the stuffing and upholstery fibers in the mattresses are certified to be chemical-free. If buying organic is good enough for your produce and your cleanser, why not your mattress?

“Just as organic food has become acceptable to the mainstream, organic mattresses "may be seen as normal in as early as 5 years," says Gunnar Hedman, of Wildflower Organics.

Why organic? "We're living in chemical age and we’re literally getting sick from it," Hedman says. "People do not want toxic stuff in their lives anymore. Our mattresses are made of a natural latex, organic cottons and wools without the additives,” adds Hedman.

Here, chemical-free definitely doesn’t mean comfort-free. Wildflower Organics provides several options exactly right for your budget, size, individual 'softness' preferences. With a showroom of beds for customers to find their perfect comfort zone, there’s no better place to buy a mattress than Wildflower Organics.

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Austin Earth Day Celebration 2008

The Staff of Wildflower Organics had a great time celebrating Earth Day in Austin's Republic Square Park. We showcased a few of the fabulous earth-friendly items we carry at our boutique.
When asked what the best investment to buy for your family and home, Cori Hedman of Wildflower explains, " When we remove harmful chemicals from our homes, we stop supporting poisons being forced into our eco-system. Living a less toxic life with organic materials, is not only a loving act towards ourselves, but towards the planet as well. For instance, as we say goodbye to plastic bags, we should also say goodbye to sleeping on a plastic mattress that is virtually a large stuffed plastic bag filled with fire retardant chemicals. Why should you or your child spend 8 hours a night sleeping on a toxic plastic bag? Natural and organic mattresses provide long-lasting comfort, an allergy free sleep for the whole family and are completely non-toxic for you and the earth! Its an investment that is absolutely worth it.”

Wildflower Organics offers one of the largest natural mattress collections in the country, including organic cotton, wool and latex. We have hand picked a selection of safe natural mattresses, including twin and crib, has the whole family sleeping safe and well.

Don't Forget!
You can celebrate Earth Day everyday with a visit to Wildflower Organics,
Texas' original and largest organic lifestyle store.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Glass for baby - safe and fun...

In stock now - a safe modern twist on the good old glass baby bottle.

With much concern recently over leaching chemicals in plastic baby bottles, this glass baby bottle reinvents the category with modern safety and design. Free from that nasty Bisphenol A these handsome baby bottles feature safe silicone nipples and colored no-slip easy-grip silicone sleeves.

They are selling FAST so don't dilly dally...
Available online as well as at the downtown store.

We have loads of new natural and organic baby clothing, wooden toys, organic bedding, cloth diapers and feeding/bath accessories in right now, with more on the way.

Welcome Welcome!

We would like to extend a hearty welcome to the Wildflower blog! Our place to share news, reviews, specials and sales.

First up, a big welcome back to Juliet out at our Davenport store. Our English Rose left us for a time late last year for a trip home. The lure of a Texas summer was just too much and we are delighted to have her back. Shes planning a sale out at the Davenport store to celebrate so check back for details...

We hope you will enjoy our blog - feel free to comment and share with us. We would love to hear from you.