Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy 2013!

Need we say more? Select items - like furniture! - are on sale now. Happy New Year!

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Top Ten Gifts of 2012: Number 1

If you know any of us at Wildflower, it should come as no surprise that our number one gift this season (and probably any season) is a Legna Sheet Set ($738 for flat & fitted queen sheets). Unlike any other fabric on the market, Legna is the ultimate in natural luxury. Imagine the soft feel of silk with the easy care of classic cotton. This lustrous, long-lasting fabric reflects light and drapes beautifully - and it's available in a palette of sumptuous colors to suit any décor. Legna sheets are made from Tencel, a wood fiber fabric that feels like silk, but has the weight of heavy cotton, wrapping your body in incredible comfort.

It's good for the planet, too - not only are Legna sheets 100% biodegradable, they're made from Italian wood that's harvested from managed forests. Once you sleep on these sheets, you'll never want to sleep on anything else!

Top Ten Gifts of 2012: Number 2

At Wildflower, we really can't say enough great things about wool. You can read all about why we love it here. It's why we've chosen the All Natural Three Inch Wool Topper ($299 - $599) to be our Number 2 gift. Add this topper to just about any mattress and you won't believe what a difference it makes. Not only does wool offer natural plushness that you'll sink into, it regulates temperature, repels dust mites, wicks away moisture and breathes better than synthetic materials. We get how important sleep is - we've based our store around it! That's why we recommend this topper so highly. Stop by the store to try it out!

Top Ten Gifts of 2012: Number 3

Sheepskins are one of those timeless gifts that you might not ask for, but that you'll fall in love with once it's yours. Our New Zealand made Sheepskin Throws ($114 - $240) are created from some of the highest quality wool available - a quality you can tell as soon as you feel their plushness and luster. Versatile and durable, these throws can top a bed, embellish a sofa, or even work as a sumptuous rug. We offer our lambskin throws in a number of colors and sizes, so be sure to come by and see them all!

Top Ten Gifts of 2012: Number 4

These Satin Trimmed Robes ($99) have been going quickly at Wildflower lately! One touch and you can understand why - the cotton/lycra blend makes a super soft, slightly stretchy robe that gently hugs and comforts your body. The satin belt and hood add an extra luxe touch. The robe's weight is perfect for year round comfort, even in hot Austin summer weather! Designed to add peace and tranquility to a woman's world, this robe is sure to elevate any lounging experience to a luxurious escape from the everyday.

Friday, December 21, 2012

Top Ten Gifts of 2012: Number 5

Lafco candles are a huge seller at Wildflower. With so many scents to choose from, it's hard to pick just one - but one of our most frequently recommended candles is the Big Sky Ranch House Candle ($55). Woodsy and rich, this candle evokes deep fir forests and fires lit under starry skies. All of our Lafco candles are made from a soy-based wax and 100% natural cotton wick, ensuring a clean scent free of toxins. Each candle comes in an oversized glass blown vessel, perfect to be reused for votives and tea lights. And with 90 hours of burn time, you'll enjoy this sumptuous scent time and time again.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Top Ten Gifts of 2012: Number 6

Our number 6 gift is really special. Made from 100% Baby Alpaca, this Kimsa Woven Throw Blanket ($460) is incredibly soft and comforting. It uses Oeko-Tex certified organic dyes that compliment its rich undulating patterns made to mimic lines of sand in the desert. We love this non-traditional take on weaving, and combined with the luxurious softness of Alpaca, this blanket is sure to become a quick favorite.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Top Ten Gifts of 2012: Number 7

Raven + Lily is a fantastic company. Based here in Austin, this company is dedicated to helping eradicate poverty in various communities around the globe by providing employment opportunities for women.

From the Raven + Lily website:

"In addition to creating sustainable economic opportunities for marginalized women, Raven + Lily is dedicated to returning proceeds to our partner communities to fund education, healthcare, and micro-loans. By purchasing R+L products, consumers are part of breaking the cycle of poverty and transforming the lives of women and families.

The Ethiopia Collection is comprised of statement necklaces, earrings and bracelets crafted with handmade beads + charms from melted bullet casings and vintage silver coins. This collection empowers HIV-positive women in Ethiopia.

The India Collection features gorgeous recycled cotton papers, hand-carved wood journals, metallic leather jewelry and hand-milled natural soaps. This collection empowers marginalized women in Northern India.

The Cambodia Collection includes eco-friendly bags and t-shirts made with hand-loomed, natural-dyed, and remnant materials. These hand-printed pieces are made with love by HIV positive and formerly trafficked women in Cambodia."

 These Wood / Leather Bangles (a steal for only $8 each) have been a great seller in the store; we love their natural simplicity that's adorned with a simple metallic leather band. We love the idea of supporting developing communities with our purchases this holiday season. Giving back never looked so chic!

Top Ten Gifts of 2012: Number 8

Beeswax Candles ($2 - $39) are a big seller at Wildflower. We feature a wide selection of everything from votives to oversized pillars to classic tapered candles. The natural qualities of beeswax are wide ranging. In addition to their gorgeous natural golden color, beeswax candles are proven to burn longer and give off more light that ordinary candles. They're also known to clear your home of toxins, as the negative ions they emit while burning attracts positive ions in the air toward them; allergens, dust and other positively charged impurities are drawn in and destroyed by the flame.

These darling Iron Votive Stands ($15, $23, $30) are the perfect compliment to our beeswax votives. Featuring delicate legs  and a tiny basin, they'll be a charming addition to any space.

Monday, December 17, 2012

Top Ten Gifts of 2012: Number 9

Our countdown continues with this gift set for anyone who loves hosting dinner parties. Our Vintage Style Pig Plate ($15) has been incredible popular at Wildflower. We love the simple, vintage design and the size is perfect for a side plate or candy dish.

We've written before about how much we adore linen, and these napkins are no different. Softer with every wash, these authentic Belgian Linen Napkins in Soft Gray (set of 6 for $136) are made from the highest quality European flax - a quality you can feel right away. They're sure to last through dinners over the years and are strong enough to be passed down for generations.

More to come!

Friday, December 14, 2012

Top Ten Gifts of 2012: Number 10

It's getting close to Christmas, so we're doing a recap of all of our favorite gifts sold at Wildflower right now. Our Top Ten list is focused on the products we love from around the world that are made from natural and organic materials - so they're top notch quality and good for you (and the planet!)

Number 10 is something of a Japanese spa set. We love these Organic Cotton Gauze Towels ($13, $26) from Japan; they're as soft and plush as your favorite sweatshirt. They're constructed using traditional weaving techniques, and the gentle-low speed method brings out the natural softness and luxury of organic cotton.

 The Binchotan Scrub Towel ($19) and Facial Puff ($17) are made from a traditional Japanese white charcoal that absorbs and removes toxins in the skin. Binchotan is also known to balance your skin's pH level while it cleanses and moisturizes. These extra fine emollients are gentle enough to use on sensitive skin and baby's skin, leaving you with a healthy, refreshed glow.

We'll be counting down until Christmas Eve - stay tuned for more great gift ideas!

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Holiday Gift Guide: For Your Dad

The gift guide continues with these bar-themed gifts for Dad. 

Clockwise from left: 

This Glass Decanter is an elegant addition to any man's barware. $160. / We can't get enough of this Vintage Bar Cart, which looks great in just about any space. $795.  / Simple, right? These Vintage Coasters are perfectly masculine. $6. / Get nautical with this bronzed Anchor Bottle Opener. $15.

Holiday Gift Guide: For Your Brother

Your brother: that guy in your life you'd love to really show how much you appreciate. Here are a few ideas.

Clockwise from top:

Share the history of Austin's newest obsession with The Golden Age of Formula One Book. $85. / This uber-cool All Wooden Radio is totally functional and includes speaker jacks. $120. / Go natural with this Trompe-L'oeil Leather iPad Case. $92. / We love this Hand-carved Polaroid Camera Ornament. $11. / Appreciate the kid in him with this darling Race Car Collectible. $45.

Friday, December 7, 2012

Holiday Gift Guide: For Your Best Friend

Some suggestions for the stylish lady in your life.
Clockwise from left: 
We're loving these Beaded Cuffs - earthy and glam at the same time. $75 - $123. These Leather Wrap Bracelets are great for everyday wear. $105. Our delicate Triad Necklaces are gorgeous and one-of-a-kind. $40. These Ikat Linen Pillows are young and classy. $175, $212. These gorgeous hand-dyed Silk Crepe Arrow Scarf Necklaces take any outfit to the next left of style. $65.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Holiday Gift Guide: For Your Boyfriend

Our list continues with some guy-themed gifts.

  Clockwise from left: 
The Chalk Board Globe is the perfect spot for him to plot his adventures. $230. / This Vintage Desk Lamp is a great blend of art and function. $100. / These White Coated Antlers are both rustic and modern. $438 / Give him a new set of plush Organic Cotton Block Print Towels. $16, $31, and $75. / Cozy up with this Brushed Cotton Herringbone Throw. $79.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Holiday Gift Guide: For Your Sister

It's gifting time, and we've got some great ideas for everyone on your list.

Clockwise from left:
His Holiness The Dalai Lama: Photography by Don Farber. This visual documentary offers 30 years of photographs of His Holiness. $50. / This Tribal Bag is the perfect size for any adventure. $350. / Give her a Copper Bowl + Plate to cradle her special treasures. $35 + $40. / These Beaded Bracelets look great on their own or with others. $39.

Monday, November 19, 2012

It's that time again

Even though the weather in Austin is entirely bearable, it's still starting to feel a bit like the holidays around here. Come check out our sweet holiday trinkets and gorgeous gifts!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Bella Notte In-Stock Sale

For the next two weeks, we're offering all of our in-stock Bella Notte items on sale for 20% off! We're also featuring select items on sale online for our own-of-town friends. Happy shopping!

Friday, November 2, 2012

Wonderful Wool

We've built our store around the idea that nature knows best, and one fantastic representation of this idea is wool. Wool is at once tough and delicate, soft and strong. Not only is wool super versatile, ranging from lambswool and mohair to angora, cashmere and alpaca, it has a number of properties that make it one of our favorite textiles to sell. Here's a taste of what makes wool so great:

Hand-woven blanket - $400

Wool is hypoallergenic. Dust mites don't live in wool, which are a major cause of allergens.

Wool is mildew resistant. The fibers in wool have a natural wicking property, keeping water from lingering in the fabric. Wool is also anti-microbial because its course fibers aren't attractive to bacteria. 

Wool is temperature regulating. Because of its moisture-wicking properties that keep sweat off the body, and its natural ability to keep your body warm in cold and cool in the heat, wool is a great temperature regulator in both clothing and bedding.


One of our beds. Hand-knitted alpaca throw - $800 / Handmade wool blanket - $395 / Military-inspired wool blanket - $150

Mohair throw - $275

Wool resists wrinkles and holds its shape.  The complex internal structure of wool makes it incredibly resilient. Wool fibers are also stronger by weight than cotton and more resistant to natural dirt and wear than most synthetics, which means that its long-lasting and super durable.

Wool is naturally fire resistant. This is a great trait to have in bedding, especially in baby and children's bedding.

Wool is a sustainable, eco-friendly fiber. When sheared from pesticide-free sheep, wool is a relatively low impact and incredibly sustainable fiber.

100% Merino Wool blanket - $790

Cross lambswool blanket - $440

It's easy to see why we endorse wool in so many forms: as a pillow stuffing or mattress topper, as a luxurious cashmere blanket or hardy lambswool comforter. Check out our wide wool selection; we know you'll love it as much as we do.

Meanwhile, here's a gorgeous video we found about the time-honored process of turning sheep's wool into a usable fiber.

shearing, washing and spinning
from Christien Meindertsma on Vimeo.

Monday, October 8, 2012

In the store: New Finds

Our owner here at Wildflower is always exploring the best national markets, searching for new treasures to keep our collection fresh. This season is no different, with rare and antique pieces coming into the store daily. Here we've cataloged some of our favorite finds.

Vintage birdcage - $1200

Oversized basin - $650

Vintage sailboat - $325

1860's trunk - $695

Domino Set - $335

Antique Locker - $1600

Side table - $350

Antique side table - $850

Angel wing - $488

Monday, August 6, 2012

Featured Designer: Juliet White

Under/cover was recently lucky enough to get the chance to speak with Juliet White, the Art Director and Stylist responsible for Bella Notte's gorgeous inspiration photos. Originally a visual designer here at Wildflower, Juliet now lives in England, remotely designing Bella's sets and shoots down to the last detail. Here's an inside look into her story and her process.  

WF: Can you describe what sort of work you do in general?
JW: As an art director and stylist, my job is to make a product appealing and desirable through a photographic image. I have to carefully decide on each detail in every photograph produced for marketing materials. The images are used on websites and in paper format, like in inspiration books or magazines. I create and implement a visual story for whatever the object may be - in this case bed linens.

a Bella Notte set

a Bella Notte set
WF: How did you get involved with Bella Notte?
JW: I started my journey as a visual merchandiser at Wildflower Organics in Austin, Texas. Due to the focus on luxury textiles at Wildflower, I spent a great deal of time putting together bedding ensembles; many of them were created with Bella Notte Linens.

Because the buyer, Cori [Hedman, Wildflower's owner], had such a great eye for design, I was exposed to the high end of the design market: the best of the best interior products. We regularly visited trade shows that inspired my work in the store. I was also one of the in-store designers, but my passion was always creating displays with beautiful products.

After moving to Dallas, I joined a team of photographers and worked with another stylist in a commercial photography studio. Here I was exposed to a different side of things, and this is where I made the move from visual merchandiser to stylist.

After 14 years in America, I moved back to England. Just after doing so, I was approached by Bella Notte to work with them as a consulting Art Director/Stylist on a new marketing campaign. It seemed a natural progression, since I had the hands-on experience of working with their incredible line for 10 years.  We are now in are fourth year of this ongoing project.

a Bella Notte set

WF: What are some of your inspirations right now in creating shots? How do you keep your design ideas fresh and current?
JW: I am always absorbing visual information: through magazines, and online, through some great blogs. Trade shows are an important source too. I recently went back to Paris with Bella Notte for Maison&Objet, an incredible trade show for interior design.

I am also a great lover of nature and being surrounded by beautiful countryside definitely helps. But inspiration can come at any time. It can be something I hear on the radio about an art exhibition, or something I see someone wearing, or often something I find in an auction house. I keep folders of inspiration for whenever I may need it.

"Taylor, at Bella, put out a request for some bunnies for the shoot on her Facebook page! A friend's friend lent them to us. They were really well behaved but kept eating the moss."

Its a never ending challenge to keep things fresh, but, that said, it certainly helps having an innovative product like Bella Notte to work with.

WF:What is your process of creating, from your initial inspiration to the finished product?
JW: The process starts with the arrival each season of a box on my door step! I am sent the new colors for that season from Bella Notte, along with fabric swatches and samples of any new collections. From there I have to decide how best to show it. I create the actual bedding ensembles and then decide on a story for each set. The fabrics often inspire the story.

I spend a while thinking about it and absorbing the new colors and designs. Then I start to compile visual information for each story. I sketch out how I envision the finished set to look.  Next I send all the information I've put together to Bella Notte. For example, I send them what floor to use, what wall, the colors and textures applied to them, the furniture to use, and all the tiny details added to a  set, like flowers and so on.

The Bella team then buys props, builds sets and manufactures the products according to that information. The studio is in California and I am in England; having the Atlantic Ocean between us makes things interesting, but it works because there is a fantastically talented team on the other side of the pond. When all the sets are built, props collected and new products made, we set a date for a shoot with the photographer.

The shoot is carried out via Skype. I give direction remotely, while Jay Graham, the photographer, sets up his camera so that I am able to see exactly what he is seeing through the camera, on my screen. I feel very lucky to work with Jay; not only is he very talented, but also a very patient teacher. There are always unexpected things that come up during a three day shoot and Jay can always work around it.

When the shoot is finished, the shots are edited and Bella Notte creates the actual inspiration book to send out.  We also recreate many of the bedding ensembles in the Bella Notte showrooms for market.

the Peach/Seaglass Bed
the Peach/Seaglass Bed
WF: What's your dream home look like, and where is it?
JW: It would be very simple: cozy and rustic, in nature. Maybe a strawbale house here in England, deep in a forest. I appreciate all kinds of design, but my personal taste is very simple.

WF: What's a shoot you worked on that you're most proud of?
JW: It used to be some work I had in Homes and Gardens magazine (UK) when I was a student, many years ago. But now it would have to be a Bella Notte inspiration book, maybe the most recent one. (Coming your way soon!)

a Bella Notte set
To see more of Juliet's lovely styling work, visit the Bella Notte Linens site. All studio photographs are courtesy of Bella Notte photographer Jay Graham (to be featured on Under/cover soon!). And of course, to scope our wide Bella Notte collection, visit our website or stop by and see us!

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Looks We Love: Whitewashed Rooms

via lonnymag

These days, we're seeing a lot of whitewashed rooms. It's easy to see why - there's a comfort in pale neutrals, a cleanness that provides a calmness and tranquility. And going white is a risk-free decision, as your white accessories will go with just about anything if you decide to paint the walls or slipcover the sofa.

via apartment therapy

Of course, with any strong theme for a room (or house), there's the chance of doing it wrong. A room full of white can be warm and inviting - or it can be sterile and dull. We've compiled a few Wildflower suggestions on keeping your neutrals noticeable. 

 1. Embrace subtlety. 

via kinfolk
via lonnymag
If we had to pick a signature look at Wildflower, it's a subtle blending of tones. Contrasting a creamy white with natural beige tiles, or a soft gray with a clean white, creates a dynamic look without a lot of jarring contrast. We use this same sort of principle when building a bed by blending champagne, pebble, and a soft blushing pink. 

Standard Vivian Case in Pebble - $92 / Alyssa Euro Sham in Sand - $150 / Madera Case in Petal - $60 / Madera Sheet in Petal - (Flat) $266 (Fitted) $278 / Eloquence Bed Frame - $4125
2. Go bold.
While we love the soft look of understated contrast, there's something really special about highlighting the perfect piece in a white room. Whites and neutrals offer a great canvas to display items that might get lost in a more embellished space.  

Here, a large collection of framed work is balanced by the consistency of images and the muted colors of accessories. High ceilings help in keeping a feel of calm in what could be a busy space.

via lonnymag

In this room, an oversized painting stands out amidst the minimalist walls, while eclectic accessories highlight the owner's individual taste. The bold leopard-print rug is balanced out by clean white furniture and more graphic fabric prints. Finding balance in white spaces is key, especially when purchasing a more striking piece.

via lonnymag
Our Sieger Tulips ($2395), subtly accented with gold leaf, would look gorgeous on white walls.

Lighting is another great way to add a dynamic look to a white room. Go big with a neutral toned chandelier, or hang a set of industrially inspired pendants to add interesting contrast to a soft look.

Sea Chandelier - $2700 / Dye Basket Pendant - $189

3. Keep it natural.
Adding organic materials, like unpainted wood or found items, is a great way to create warmth in a minimalist white space. A butcher block counter top or raw wood headboard can keep a space looking homey, and the natural tones of wood stand out beautifully against solid neutrals.

via lonnymag

via remodelista

via remodelista

This reclaimed wooden bed frame ($2000) has a deep tone and natural texture that contrasts beautifully with white.

4. Get textural.
One of the most important ways to keep a white room from feeling lifeless is adding texture in as many forms as possible. Layer rugs, seek out sculptural pieces, fall in love with fur and found objects.

via lonnymag

Driftwood Lamp with Linen Shade - $473 / Fur-Covered Mad Men Inspired Office Chair - $695
clockwise from top left: Blowfish Vase - $95 / Coral Sculpture - $188 / Ceramic Deer Skull - $438 / Fleur Lamp - $618

In bedding, balance out subtle tones with different feels of linen, soft cotton, wool and ruffles. 

Alyssa Euro Sham in Sand - $150 / Madera Case in Petal - $60 / Raw Silk & Organic Cotton Pillow - $225 / Linen Blanket in Flax - $478 / Bella Sheet in Petal - (Flat) $266 (Fitted) $278

Allow vintage pieces to steal the show. Don't be afraid of mixing and matching - neutrals almost always compliment each other. These vintage burlap cases add character and contrast to a light room.

Vintage Jute Trunk - $345

5. Trust yourself.
Of course, our advice in putting any space together is this: trust your gut. If you fall in love with something that doesn't look like it's from the magazines, don't worry. Creating your space is all about bringing together pieces that reflect your unique taste and style. Love the process. And of course, call us with your questions.